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World-class UNIQUE services utilising the latest disruptive technologies that create new value for exploration and environmental studies and the further development of mineral resources

“Vedanta Zinc International’s initial assessment of the survey work carried out by Aerophysx, utilising the new Geometrics MagArrow system, is very favourable. The new generation technology not only enables acquisition of unsurpassed high-resolution magnetics (even in extreme terrain), but also opens the possibility of acquiring EM and MMR from a drone platform.”  – Jaco Smit, Vedanta

The Services We Offer



Introducing the first UAV magnetic system of its kind in Africa.  Excellent for high detailed magnetic surveys applied to amongst others, geological and geohydrological mapping and mineral exploration. Combined with the terrain-following capabilities and low velocity of copter drones the almost perfect drape can be achieved.  The Geometrics MagArrow with a 1 kHz sampling rate is the most advanced total-field UAV deployable magnetometer to date and, with the patented MFAM sensor technology, sets a new standard for UAV magnetic surveys. 



DroneTDEM is our proprietary technique where we measure simultaneously the slowly varying field strength of the earth’s magnetic field and in addition, superimposed on this magnetic field, is also the magnetic signature of the fast-changing manmade induced currents in the subsurface.  Using this technique, we can model the ore body precisely in 3D in the ground as long as it is conductive or resistive. This will enable identification of precise target sites for test hole or well drilling. 

Mag and Spec2


AeroPhysX has access to a number of top-end geophysical systems worldwide and we undertake airborne survey on fixed-wing and helicopter platforms. We specialise in the collection  and processing of geophysical data. Our key personnel have extensive experience in the industry, and together have more than 200 years and 15 million kilometres of experience.



The production of a high resolution orthophoto and digital terrain model is of importance to establish a base dataset of the terrain and elevations prior to the establishment of any mining operations. This enables future operations to understand the base point and provides vital information into the placement of key infrastructure such as tailings dams etc. It also can be used as a reconnaissance tool prior to any expensive follow up work. It is also of importance to future rehabilitation of an area.



The staff at AeroPhysX have a world-renowned reputation for their ability to produce outstanding digital maps from databases produced by geophysical surveys.

We are able to process:

  • magnetic and radiometric datasets
  • gravity datasets
  • electromagnetic datasets


AeroPhysX is able to supply an entire system that is of the very latest technology and will remain at the forefront for years to come.

The system includes the Geometrics Magarrow, a drone such as a DJI Matrice 600 Pro and all necessary software developed by us.

The drone can be used and can be set up for other applications as required.

About Us


We have been involved in the airborne geophysics and/or the airborne geospatial industries for 22 years and have aggregated in excess of 200 years of experience in the sector.  AeroPhysX currently produces world-class UNIQUE services utilising the latest disruptive technologies that create new value for exploration and environmental studies and the further development of mineral resources. 

We have deep proven experience in all aspects of the industry in Africa and several other emerging countries. We have dealt with the leading mining companies, governments and ministries, as well as private prospectors and landowners.


AeroPhysX was established to start a new exploration approach using leading-edge technology in Africa and elsewhere in the world. AeroPhysX operates on a global scale but specializes in the African market. We offer airborne magnetic, radiometric, Gravity and EM surveys from acquisition to final mapping and interpretation.    We can undertake surveys that are suitable for aircraft ranging from Cessna 210 type, Cessna Caravan 208B, King Air twin turbine fixed wing as well as Eurocopter B2, B3 and Gazelle helicopters. We have approved installations for our equipment in all mentioned types. 


The company policy and vision is to provide cost effective fixed wing, helicopter and drone surveys to the industry, as well as to develop and provide cutting-edge technology. 

We foresaw the emergence of drone technology and the development of advanced sensors to be used by drones. We were the first company in Africa to have obtained the revolutionary Magarrow system for magnetic surveying.  Our system leads in Africa and very few international companies can match our system. We have taken the initiative to further develop the software required for accurate navigation and terrain following and processing of the data.  


We are striving to simply be the best operator on a global scale, growing a worldwide reputation as the source of high quality, cost-effective airborne surveying working in the clients’ best interests and continuously exploring and implementing new technologies as they become available.

Our current team have been working together for the last 5 years developing processing techniques and acquiring or manufacturing high end technology, developing new and improving old processing techniques especially in drone-based surveying which will become the standard data collection technology in future.

Global Footprint

We have an existing client base and reputation in the industry as proven specialists who deliver as we have been in the industry for 22 years.  We have extensive experience operating throughout Africa, as well as internationally.  We intend to have a worldwide footprint using our existing resources which are in place already and scaling this from a service-based revenue model to an IP license-based revenue model utilising our unique technology and its application in the field.

We have deep proven experience in all aspects of the industry in Africa and several other emerging countries. We have dealt with the leading mining companies, governments and ministries, as well as private prospectors and landowners.

  • 6 000 km Data Processing and Project Management in Mexico
  • 116 000 km Magnetic Survey in Tanzania for M&P Oil and Gas
  • 30 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey in Angola for Afgem And TransHex
  • 100 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey in Gabon World Bank System Project
  • 60 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey in Botswana for ACAP Resources
  • 25 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey in Zambia for Tranter 
  • 10 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey in Madagascar for Rio Tinto
  • Council for Geosciences Mag and Radiometric Surveys: 230 000 km countrywide, 192 000 km  for the  Alluvial Programme, 72 500 km for the Water and Shale Gas Programme and 111 000 km Mag and Radiometric Survey for the Uranium Programme 
  • 35 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey Zululand for Ground Water
  • 6 000 km Magnetic and Radiometric Survey in Zimbabwe for Platinum
  • 300 km Drone Magnetic Survey for Tswalu Game Reserve
  • 3 000 km Drone Magnetic Survey for Vedanta International
  • 5 500 km Drone Magnetic Survey in Guinea for various clients including Polymetal Resources and Convertible Resources

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Our Clients

We have worked closely and successfully with a wide range of clients from government departments and major companies to private individuals. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

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